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Main Toolbar

The main toolbar has buttons following the order in the above picture :

Quick Start Wizard - Launches the Quick Start Wizard.

Profile Selector - Select one of the ready-to-use capture profiles and start it with one click.

Profile Wizard - Launches the Profile Wizard.

Task Wizard - Launches the Task Wizard.

Grab Snapshot - Captures an image from the current video capture source.

Attach/Detach - Attaches and Detaches the capture window from the main window.

Full-Screen - Changes the capture window to full screen mode.


Window/Region/Frame-Rate - Select a window or region on the desktop to capture from, and set the frame-rate to capture video from the screen.

Web Server On/Off - Turns the web server on and off.

Log - Shows and hides the log window.

Global Options - Shows the global options panel.

Help - Launches the user guide and general help.