1AVCenter Help
Manually grab snapshots

First you need to have a capture profile with a video source selected and active. Learn about 'Capture Profiles'.You can capture snapshots of any video enabled capture profile.

Capturing snapshots manually is much like pressing the button of a digital camera.

To capture a snapshot all you have to do is click the 'Grab Snapshot' button on the 'Main Toolbar', or use the keyboard 'Ctrl+H' combination.

About capturing screenshots: If you are capturing screenshots then 1AVCenter will auto-hide every time you capture a screenshot so that it won't interfere with what you are trying to capture. Also, to change the region of the screen you want to capture, you can select a window or region of the screen by opening the 'Window/Region/Frame-Rate' dialog. Quick shortcut to select any part of the screen you want to capture: When the capture window is detached from the main window, and is showing the Desktop screen as the video source, when you double-click the mouse left button inside the capture window, 1AVCenter will automatically open the 'Window/Region/Frame-Rate' dialog for you to quickly select a window or region to capture from.

Snapshots are captured directly in compressed JPG format.

To change the image quality for capturing you must open the 'Profile Settings' and use the image quality slider to select a value between 1 and 100. The default value is 100 which means the highest quality possible and even using this quality you will capture image files of small size.

After you grab a snapshot it will instantly appear on the 'Snapshot File List'.

Open the 'File Menu' or right-click on the just generated file to learn what you can do with the snapshot file.