1AVCenter Help
Profile Settings

You can access the 'Profile Settings' dialog by clicking on the last button of the 'Profile Toolbar', or using the 'Profile Menu', or pressing <Ctrl+Y>.

You'll also see the same dialog except in a wizard format if you open the 'Profile Wizard'.

The difference is that on the 'Profile Wizard' you will be able to create or select another profile to change settings and when you open the 'Profile Settings' you will be able to change only the settings for the current profile.

Here are details on each of the settings you can manipulate on a capture profile :

  • Select video source
  • Change format of video source (dimensions, frame-rate, ..)
  • Select audio source
  • Select the screen or part of it as video source
  • Select tv tuner or external device as video source
  • Change settings for each particular video device
  • Stamp date and time on captured video and images 
  • Select compressed JPG quality to capture images
  • Create and manage capture profiles
  • Mixer