1AVCenter Help
Record what you hear

Most commonly the audio line that can capture what you hear is called 'Stereo Mix', 'What U'Hear', or 'Record Master'. 1AVCenter will look for this line automatically and create a ready-to-use profile called 'Record Music, streaming audio and Sounds', but if the line name is different or if you have two audio devices installed 1AVCenter might pick out the wrong audio line, in which case you must open the 'Profile Settings' dialog, manually change the line selected, and test it.

A few recently released audio drivers do not support this audio line that captures what is reproduced, like Dell's SigmaTel new audio drivers for example. If you can't find this audio line on the 'Profile Settings' dialog, you might have this problem. Learn how to solve this problem.

Check if the audio source for the capture profile is correct and that it will record the audio you want. Learn more about the audio sources you can use.

Before you start recording what you hear you may want to disable system sounds so that you won't have mouse clicks and other sounds on your recordings. Learn how to disable Windows system sounds.

To select the compression scheme you want for your recorded audio you have to:

_ Open the 'Record Settings' dialog

_ Check the 'AVI/WAV' checkbox, or the 'WM file' checkbox, and select the compression you want to use. Learn more about compressing audio.

_ Click OK

You're ready to record any audio you can hear!.

Just use the 'Record' button on the 'Action toolbar', or the 'Action menu', or the keyboard shortcuts which by default are <Ctrl+Z> to record, and <Ctrl+X> to stop.