1AVCenter Help
Select TV tuner or external device as video source

Important Note: To select your 'TV Tuner' as the 'Video Source' you will need to have a TV tuner card with a supporting DirectX driver for it. If you do have a TV tuner card on your PC and it's not on the list of video devices then your TV tuner does not provide DirectX drivers. You then need to contact the TV tuner card manufacturer and request DirectX drivers for your card.

This TV tuner card driver appears on the list of 'Video devices' under the TV tuner manufacturer's name.

If 1AVCenter can successfully connect to your TV tuner card, that will also enable you to capture and record audio and video from any external video device you can plug in to the card using a S-Video or Composite Video cable, including external DVD players, VCRs, analog camcorders even without FireWire, analog TVs, micro cameras, etc.

To change TV channels, or switch to an external device plugged into the TV tuner card, or manipulate other settings provided by the TV tuner driver click on the 'Video available settings' button and a popup menu will appear for you to change available TV card settings.

In every other respect having the TV tuner as capture source is the same as having any other video device as source.