1AVCenter Help
I only have a couple of audio lines I can select on my Windows Vista

Windows Vista provides a different way of working with audio. Audio lines under Windows Vista are audio devices to the system and that means you won't find audio lines under Vista, only audio devices.

On the 'Profile Settings' dialog you have the list of audio devices to select from and if in that list you can only find one or two audio devices, then it's most probable that your other audio devices are disabled.

To enable audio devices do the following:

Find your audio driver icon on the systray:

Right-click the mouse over it:

Select 'Recording Devices' and click on it:

Right-click the mouse over the Recording Devices dialog and select 'Show Disabled Devices'. All the disabled devices will be listed.

Select each disabled device you want to enable, right-click the mouse over it, and select 'Enable'.

OK, every device you enable here will appear on 1AVCenter audio device list where you can select and capture normally.

If after all this only one or two devices show on the recording devices list, then your problem might be related to this troubleshoot section.