1AVCenter Help

Verify if your problem fits into one of the situations bellow:

  • My broadcast is running but doesn't show remotely
  • My audio recordings are coming out distorted
  • My video recordings are coming out black or inverted
  • Trouble recording audio from media player or browser
  • My recordings with audio source selected are coming out without audio
  • Can't play video or audio on my web site
  • The capture window should be showing the screen contents but it's not
  • Can't view video files on web site
  • Stamp date-time does not work
  • System cursor became slow when I opened 1AVCenter
  • User privilege problems on Vista
  • My 'Stereo Mix' audio line is capturing noise
  • I get the 'Could not connect capture profile' error
  • 1AVCenter did not detect my other web cams
  • The volume of my audio recordings is low
  • I can't find the recording audio line to record what I hear
  • I only have a couple of audio lines I can select on my Windows Vista
  • Can't record MP3 files using MPEG Layer-3 codec
  • Problem recording the screen on Vista
  • Can't use web server because network is down
  • Recorded video comes out sideways and distorted
  • Configuration dialogs are very delayed and not instantly showing
  • Windows Defender blocks 1AVCenter at Startup