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Capturing and Recording video directly from the screen

When you record from the screen there are two types of recording you can do: videos of screen activity for presentation purposes, and videos you want to rip from inside web browsers and media players.

If you're interested in creating presentations then click here to learn more about creating videos for presentation purposes.

To rip videos from inside web browsers and media players it is important to set the frame-rate for capturing the video to a value equal or higher than 14 fps, 16 is sufficient, 20 fps is high motion, 24 fps is film. 1AVCenter ready-to-use profiles already use a 16 fps frame-rate. Learn how to set the frame rate for capturing video from screen.

What kind of video can you record directly from the screen? YouTube Video, Google Video, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, WinAMP, PowerDVD, videos inside browsers and media players.

Also, Windows has a video setting called video hardware acceleration that when set can generate a blank or black screen on your final recordings from the screen. 1AVCenter allows you to disable video hardware acceleration if you are facing such a problem. Learn how to disable hardware acceleration.

Videos inside browsers and media players have their own coordinates on the screen and you will have to select the window or region on the screen in which video will be played. Learn how to select a window or region on the screen to be your video source.

Step-by-step tutorials:

Lear how to record video directly from YouTube web site.

Lear how to record video directly from Windows Media Player.