1AVCenter Help
Global Options

You can access the 'Global Options' dialog through the 'Main Toolbar', or through the 'View Menu'.

Global options are options that when changed affect more than one task, or the user interface.

The first tab is the Disk Space Management tab and it shows where 1AVCenter is storing files locally and allows you to do quick disk clean-up by removing files that have not been renamed and remain with dates for names. It also allows you to set a disk quota that 1AVCenter can not overwrite.

The Profile Selector allows you to select and start any possible task from any possible source in just one click. As you learn to use the software you can start it directly without it.

The Log Window shows details of every operation the software does.

The network address list is here for simple reference because you might have more than one IP address on your PC and when you send e-mails or copy links the selected address is the one that will be included. 1AVCenter will automatically select the correct IP address to be used.

You can have 1AVCenter started on Windows startup by checking the 'Start with Windows' checkbox.

IMPORTANT: Windows Defender will block 1AVCenter at startup because 1AVCenter requests administrative rights. Windows Defender ships with the latest security update for Windows XP, 2003 Server, and Vista. But don't worry, there is a solution: Click here to learn how to solve this problem.

Black videos or blank videos as recorded output happen because the player that is being recorded is using hardware acceleration. If you disable it you will no longer experience this problem and you will be able to record absolutely anything on your screen. On the other hand however live broadcasts benefit from hardware acceleration so for live broadcasts this option should be unchecked, to record video to WMV, or audio to WMA, the disable hardware acceleration option should also be unchecked because Windows Media technologies take great advantage of hardware acceleration.

Disabling the screensaver is a performance option for when you're using advanced compression options such as third-party codecs that use system resources very intensively.

Disabling low power schemes might help you a lot if you just can't have a broadcast stopped for any reason and you don't want to reconfigure your system options just for this.

The options you set here are only valid while 1AVCenter is running.