1AVCenter Help
Quick Start Wizard

You can run the 'Quick Start Wizard' clicking on the 'Quick Start Wizard' button on the 'Main toolbar', using the 'Tools Menu', or pressing <Ctrl+Q>.

The 'Quick Start Wizard' can help you configure and start any possible task in just a few clicks.

Use Capture Profile - Use a capture profile to record, monitor, broadcast, or grab/upload images from it.

Change active profile - Select among capture profiles the one you want to use or create a new one.

Select ready-to-use profile - Select among ready-to-use capture profiles one you want to use.

Publish web site - Choose to publish your web site if you intend to share your files on the web with your authenticated users or if you want to access your files remotely.

Change web server settings - Configure usernames, passwords, and permissions for visitors to be able to access your web site. Also import the files you want to publish and customize how you want your web site look and feel.

The 'Web Server' can run alone or with a capture profile selected. The web server running alone allows you to share your files and uses minimum system resources.

Restore from file - The last option allows you to restore a previous backup and is particularly useful when re-installing the software or the operating system.

If you check the 'Use Capture Profile' checkbox you'll later be presented with the 'Task Wizard' to inform what tasks you want to start for the 'Capture Profile' you've selected.

When you click 'Next' you will be guided trough configuring what you have selected here.