1AVCenter Help
Record video directly from YouTube web site

Follow these steps :

_ Open your browser on 'YouTube'. Ref: http://www.youtube.com/ . Note that this can be any web site.

_ Search and select the video you want to rip.

_ Open 1AVCenter.

_ Run the 'Profile Selector' and select the 'Record video from web browsers' capture profile.

_ Click on the 'Window/Region/Frame-Rate' button on the 'Main Toolbar' to select the correct window or region where the video will be played.

_ The capture window will be showing YouTube video so as you play the video it will show twice on your screen.

_ Open 'Record Settings' if you intend to change compression or other options.

_ Click on 1AVCenter's 'Record Action Toolbar' 'Record' button to start recording, or minimize 1AVCenter and use the systray popup menu.

_ Alt-tab to the browser and play the video you've selected on YouTube.

_ As the video plays 1AVCenter will be recording it. When the video ends click the 'Stop' button on 1AVCenter 'Record Action Toolbar' to stop recording, or use the systray popup menu.

_ That's it. The ripping is done. Repeat this procedure for all YouTube videos you want to rip.

The same procedure applies to Google Video or any other video played within a browser.

IMPORTANT: If after you record a video the output file is black or blank go to 'Record Settings' and check the 'Disable hardware acceleration' checkbox. This ought solve the problem. See 'Troubleshoot' for more details.