1AVCenter Help
Select video source

To change the video source open the 'Profile Settings' dialog.

Select video device :

This is a list of video devices installed on this PC including web cam, PC screen, and TV tuner card. If you intend to capture video from external devices select your TV tuner card as the device and then select the correct source on ‘Video available settings’. Examples of external devices are: camcorders, vcrs, dvds, etc…

Supported video sources :

  • Full Desktop/Screen or part of it such as a window or a region.
  • Web cams with supporting DirectX drivers.
  • TV tuner card with supporting DirectX drivers.
  • DV Camcorders via FireWire with supporting DirectX drivers.
  • External devices connected to the TV tuner card. The TV tuner card must have supporting DirectX drivers. Examples: VCR, DVD, Analog TV, Micro cameras, etc.

    Stamp date and time :

    Stamp date and time on recorded video and captured images.

    Image quality :

    This is the compressed jpg quality that will be applied for manually captured images. The 'Surveillance Monitor' will also use this preset quality for capturing images.

    Video available settings :

    Each video device has a number of configuration panels all reachable from this button. Each panel will let you manipulate a particular set of options for the particular device such as image quality and appearance, frequency and format of TV signal, frames per second, channel, input whether if it is a dvd player, a vcr or any other device, and so on.

    Important Note: Related hardware are required during the captured process. It means you need some device realize the connection between the capture device and the computer installed with 1AVCenter. If you don't have any solution in this part before, we strongly recommend you to contact with the video device provider. For instance, if you want to capture video from VCR but do not have fire wire, you can contact with VCR provider or computer provider.

    Learn more about connecting external devices.