1AVCenter Help
Set the frame-rate for capturing the screen

You can capture the Desktop but you can also capture part of it by selecting a specific window or region.

If you're already using the Desktop as 'Video Source' all you have to do is click with the mouse on the 'Window/Region/Frame-Rate' icon of the 'Main Toolbar', or the 'Window/Region/Frame-Rate' option at the 'View Menu' to select a Window or Region for capture.

If not then you have to select a capture profile that has the Desktop as 'Video Device'. You can do that through the 'Profile Selector' or the 'Profile Wizard' or through 'Profile Settings'.

When you select the entire screen or a window or region to capture from you may also want to set the frame-rate in which you wish to capture video.

For presentations you should leave the frame-rate at 1 frame per second because you will generate very small AVI files that can be easily imported into a sophisticated presentation application such as Macromedia RoboDemo for example.

For capturing movies from the screen you should use 20 to 24 frames per second because this frame-rate is the default for video recording.