1AVCenter Help
Task Wizard

You can run the 'Task Wizard' clicking on the 'Task Wizard' button on the 'Main Toolbar', using the 'Profile Menu', or pressing <Ctrl+T>.

The 'Task Wizard' allows you to select, configure and start any possible task for the current 'Capture Profile' in just a few clicks.

This is what you'll see when you choose to run the Task Wizard :

Live Broadcast capture - Broadcast the active 'Capture Profile' live and in real-time.

Broadcast Settings - Set the transmission rate that is more appropriate to your targeted audience and set a maximum number of audience members.

Surveillance Monitor capture - Monitor the active 'Capture Profile'. The 'Surveillance Monitor' will monitor any capture profile you select however it makes more sense to monitor the web cam, the microphone, or the PC screen.

Surveillance Monitor Settings - Tune the activity detector and select the tasks to be executed when activity is detected.

Record capture - Record the capture profile you've selected directly into compressed or uncompressed AVI files or Windows Media files.

Record Settings - Select the compression scheme you want to use.

Grab/Upload images - Automatically capture images and optionally upload them to a web site using FTP.

Grab/Upload Settings - Configure a time interval to automatically capture images and the FTP parameters if you want the captured images to be automatically uploaded to a site.

Grab snapshots manually - Capture snapshots just as if you were using a digital camera.

When you click 'Next' you will be guided trough configuring what you have selected here and if you don't choose to configure anything you'll jump right to the 'Main Interface'.