1AVCenter Help
Windows Defender blocks 1AVCenter at Startup

This happens because 1AVCenter requests administrator rights when it runs. 1AVCenter requests administrator rights because otherwise it wouldn't be able to save files depending on where you selected them to be saved. After several tests, it was decided that this would be a huge problem for the end user, such as yourself, so we've corrected the problem by adding administrator rights to 1AVCenter.

Windows Defender however does not allow programs that request administrator rights to run at startup. It blocks them, and there is no way to configure Windows Defender to allow 1AVCenter to run at startup. Windows Defender is automatically installed with the latest security update for Windows Vista.

Windows Defender can also be installed on Windows Server 2003, and Windows XP, but in these two operating systems Windows Defender permits 1AVCenter to run at startup. So, if you are running Windows Defender under Windows Vista, keep reading.

Fortunately, there is a solution. To solve this problem you have to create a scheduled task:

1. Launch the Task Scheduler
Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Task Scheduler

2. From the 'Actions' panel on the right, select 'Create Task...'
a. Give the task a name of your choice in the "Name Section", such as '1AVCenter Startup'

3. Go to the Security Options on the General tab
a. Select an user account with administrative privileges
b. Select the radio button 'Run only when user is logged on'
c. Check the box 'Run with highest privileges'

4.Go to the 'Triggers' tab and click 'New...'
a. In Begin the task, select 'At log on'
b. In the Settings options, select 'Any user'
c. In the Advanced Settings options, check the box 'Enabled'
d. Click OK to close the dialog

5. Go to the 'Actions' tab and click 'New...'
a. For Action, select 'Start a program'
b. In the Settings options, browse for 1AVCenter, which by default is at '%Program Files%\1AVCenter\', unless you've changed the location at installation.
c. Click OK to close the dialog

6. Go to the 'Settings' tab
a. Check the box 'Run task as soon as possible after a scheduled start is missed'
b. Uncheck the box 'Stop the task if it runs longer than'

7. Click OK to save and close the task properties

Don't forget to unckeck the 'Start with Windows' checkbox that you find on the 'Global Options' dialog of 1AVCenter. You don't need it anymore, and if you don't uncheck it, Windows Defender will block this other instance of 1AVCenter even thou the scheduled one will run.

Reboot your computer and 1AVCenter will run at startup. Problem solved.