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Family 1AV

The family 1AV of programs is headed by 1AVCenter, a multifunctional application which records audio and video from all sources including the desktop screen, webcam, and microphone. Does remote video and audio surveillance with the publication of a personal website. Streams live video and audio with quality of service, and allows you to securely share files directly from your PC.Tucows rated 1AVCenter with 5 stars.


remote desktop surveillance

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remote surveillance software for PC

1AVMonitor does remote surveillance one source per time and it supports all available sources on the PC meaning you can do remote surveillance on your Desktop Screen, Microphone, or Webcam. 1AVMonitor publishes a secure website with access to live video and a slide show of motion detected pictures, plus access to recorded videos and audios. Note that one can run multiple instances of 1AVMonitor at once so you can monitor multiple sources at once.

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