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Family ScreenCamera

The family ScreenCamera is a set of programs for video capture and video broadcast. What sets the family ScreenCamera apart is its video camera: the video camera of ScreenCamera is compatible with Skype and all programs and websites that work with webcams. The ability to be used by video conference programs makes ScreenCamera the first video recorder program ready for the Internet. ScreenCamera is listed in the Center of Compatibility of Microsoft.. Tucows rated ScreenCamera.Net with 5 stars.


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ScreenCamera.Net is a video recorder and a video streaming server. Users can record or stream customized video content from all monitors, webcams, and TV cards. Plus ScreenCamera.Net makes it really easy to embed live video on your website. With ScreenCamera.Net users can customize the video output with any all monitors, any all external devices like webcams and TV cards, images, movies, audio tracks, polygons, text and date-time stamps which give the user super abilities on the video conference room or on recorded tutorials. Users can take pictures, draw over them, and print them. With the movie renderer users can Watermark video files with images or rolling text. The movie renderer can also be used to do pictures slide show, and song plus lyrics videos. ScreenCamera.Net is a real time video studio with elements that resemble Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash.