How to record webcam and screen at the same time

How to record webcam and screen at the same time

Looking for a way to record webcam and screen at the same time? ScreenCamera does it. ScreenCamera is a screen and webcam recorder.

When you install the application you will be asked to accept ScreenCamera virtual camera driver. Click 'Accept'. ScreenCamera can also be used as a regular camera on live streaming sites like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on.

Run the application and you will see a simple toolbar with quick access buttons to capture the entire desktop, a region, or follow the cursor. It is quite useful the way you can always capture what you need from the desktop.

Go to 'Configurations' and connect your webcam. No secrets here. Select it from the list, click 'Connect', and you're all set.

Close 'Configurations' with OK and you will immediately see desktop and webcam on the same shot.

Now click 'Record' when you're ready!

ScreenCamera may require a reboot for the proper installation of its camera.

ScreenCamera records vídeo to MP4, AVI, and WMV.

Note that ScreenCamera gives you the ability to do live tutorials on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and all other software and services that accept a webcam as vídeo source.

ScreenCamera runs on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. The software costs $39.90 but you can pay $19.90 for it on the first day of trial. The company offers a progressive discount.