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CD DVD Blu-ray Burning Studio – Giveaway

All-in-one burner software with an intuitive interface yet simple where you can burn any disk from audio CDs, to MP3 DVDs, Video DVDs, and Blu-ray discs, up to data CDs and data DVDs. It is a complete suite using Microsoft’s disc burning A.P.I.s, meaning it is all the way compatible with all types of operations and disc manufacturers.

One simple user interface

The program is so well designed it eliminates all sorts of complications you find on the competitors. You can easily switch between tasks at any time. All you have to do is select the type of disc you wish to burn and add the files. The software handles the rest, making several copies on one command.

Unparalleled design all across the market

No software manages to be this well designed, making it so simple to choose the type of disc you want to burn, add the files, select the number of copies, and be ready to go. Set always to use the maximum speed and features of the disc burner drives. There is no need to set up rate and other irrelevant settings because top speed and full power are always desired.

The software takes care of the entire process. Quickly too.

No matter what type of media or burning you command the software to do, it takes over from beginning to end, requiring no intervention or pausing. It only asks you to insert new media in case you command it to make copies. The program makes it all quick, too, with no lengthy process taking a long time because the software takes full advantage of the hardware capabilities.

Compatibility all across the board

Because the software uses media-burning Microsoft A.P.I.s, it is compatible with all media and all burners. That is a guarantee most software producers can not make. Plus, you get ensured that it will work for you no matter what hardware you are packing.

No need for different programs. All-in-one solution.

You won’t find software like this. You will discover one different piece of software for each task. Here at PCWinSoft, we create intelligent non-conventional software. We are not about competition. We are about innovative solutions to facilitate the life of our users. We don’t care about the competition. We are not about money. We are about quality and intelligence. And this piece of software is a showcase of what we are about.

Enough said. Get your free copy of CD DVD Blu-ray Burning Studio.

Click the button bellow to visit the giveaway page and get your free copy.

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