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The world is narrowed to two streets of water. Do you think politicians are that smart?

When you look at Google Maps, the entire world depends on two water streets, the Panama Canal and the Suez Canal. That is how vulnerable the world is. One of them gets closed, and crises are everywhere because of the closure of ocean commerce. The two get closed: Complete chaos. That is all because of the war for territory. Do you think politicians are that smart? With the world structured this way.

The war for territory has blinded the science of security.

It is effortless to understand that depending on two water streets to communicate between oceans is a threat to the World economy and, thus, a threat to the life of millions all across the planet. The very reason for this equivocal situation is the control of the two canals, but at the same time, it is a known fact you can’t depend on one way to communicate. The military created the internet for the same reason.

The very reason for power lies in these two canals. Wars have been disputed for their control of them. Today these are highly disputed territories. The absolute power of Cuba is its power to destroy the Panama Canal. If it weren’t for this fact, Cuba would not be independent. It is the same reason the Panama Canal belonged to the United States until 1999. It belongs to Panama, but before that, there was a treaty between Panama and the U.S.A. Now Panama’s economy has much influence of the U.S.A. so one can say Panama’s Canal is still in the hands of the U.S.A.

Behind the Suez Canal lies the entire conflict between Israel and Palestine. The wars around the World are about taking them, for the same reason they exist as the only pathway between oceans. Control over them means economic and military incredible power. The reason no other routes are created is the same one. It is a paradigm that puts the World population in danger. The closure of any of them means crisis which means weakness and the vulnerability to be taken over.

World map

The Panama Canal

The Panama Canal is the path between South America and North America. Before the Panama Canal, ships had to go through the very south of South America. The Panama Canal, although belonging to Panama, can be affirmed that it lies in the hands of the U.S.A. The Panama Canal is vital to the economy of South America and is also highly important to North America. The countries that neighbor the Panama Canal are all U.S.A allies. Cuba can reach the Panama Canal with missiles, and that’s why the U.S.A. wants to take over Cuba but can not. Cuba is the only not American ally in the region and remains free and independent due to that fact.

The Suez Canal

The Suez Canal belongs to Egypt, which is Arabic, and it is the main route between Europe and Asia. The Suez Canal belonged once to the British and France. Now it belongs to Egypt. At times of war, ships of any country can pass through it, but that is a treaty, and everybody knows treaties are not respected at times of war. The conflict between the occident World and Arabic countries also is due to the possession of the Suez Canal. Israel also wants to take over Palestine to reach the Suez Canal.

Much is put on the account of religion, but that is not true. The interests are to take over the canals. It is not even oil like it is put on the account.

The Horn of Africa is also a pathway to the Suez Canal, and it has been fought over many times in the past because of that interest. Ethiopia fought Italia many times and was taken over once but regained control after Hitler lost the Second World War. 

Both canals demanded construction work. Both are natural canals. Artificial ones could have been created.

Both canals demanded construction work. France started the Panama Canal, but construction was stopped due to the mortality rate. The U.S.A. later took on the project and finished construction work. The Suez Canal also demanded construction work but much less over six years. Bear in mind that both are natural canals. Still, with the World’s technology long time available other channels could have been built, but that did not lie in the interests of the political powers governing the regions.

The World is War

Each country makes the belief of patriotism to their people because the rich and powerful need the working people to make their money, and patriotism keeps the army enlisted. The rich have the power to protect their interest and are always looking to increase their wealth, and therefore each nation and their allies keep up the ever-lasting World War. Working people live in a make-believe world that changes from country to country. Love is sold to raise families and keep the money-making machine alive forever. Atomic bombs are cards to be played because, in the war for territory, it is not in the interest of the powerful to destroy it. Competition and love hold the house of cards together. The World is made of fouls controlled by the least fouls all the way to the top of the chain.

What is true in History?

History in each country is told by the political winning party always and forever, so places and events are partially true, but most of it is lies. It is all romanticized as well. Marriage started in Egypt, and it is the institution that holds the perpetrating human race renewing itself generation after generation. The pharaohs realized the wedding was perfect for this purpose. The church and the state are closely related because, without love, the house of cards would crumble. Without the notion of competition which is widely accepted, the House of Cards would also crumble. History is told through the lens of love and competition mixed to make could believe that nations have an actual reason to be enemies when in fact, it is simply the protection of the interests of the most powerful.


You may think I am wrong. The World is what you believe it is, so it is your choice. The World is a power game. The poor exist because the rich need them to make money. Love is an illusion so is competition. That is what it is.


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