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Power Image Converter Giveaway

Power Image Converter is a specialized shell around the Imagick library and extensively uses it. With the application, you can convert between almost one hundred different formats. You can view images in all of these formats. It doesn’t stop there: Power Image Converter batch scales photos fast. It also packs, rotates, and flips photos. In addition to this, the application also stamps watermarks of text and pictures in a batch. You will not find image converters with this much power around. This is a must-have tool in your toolset.

Batch operations run fast, even for thousands of photos

Any batch operation supported by Power Image Converter runs fast, even for large batches of photos. This is not a slow-jamming app. If you need to scale 2000 photos to half the size, you can do it in seconds.

Power Image Converter works on top of Imagick, and this library is well known for its efficiency and the broad spectrum of operations over images. Power Image Converter uses some of this power through an easy-to-use user interface that works intuitively. While you would spend a lot of time figuring out command lines to use on Imagick, Power Image Converter makes it easy by hiding the complexity inside the shell.

Perform color settings batch operations.

Power Image Converter can batch change the saturation of thousands of images at once, also the contrast, hue, and brightness. Combining the four settings is allowed, meaning you can change thousands of images’ appearances in seconds.

Convert images of dozens of formats to PDF.

Power Image Converter converts all the formats it supports to PDF. So if you have around a batch of photos in a format no longer in the market, you can bring them to the present by converting them to PDF, PNG, or JPG.

Take full advantage of Imagick fantastic power through Power Image Converter without having to learn a single line of complex command lines

Imagick is mighty, but its interface with the user is designed for geeks by using complex command lines. Most users don’t want anything to do with that, so we created this shell around Imagick, where you utilize a straightforward interface, and the application creates the complex command lines to do the tasks you want. It is like bringing the power of Imagick to regular from fundamental to advanced PC users.

Enough said. Time to get your free license

We are giving away licenses of Power Image Converter because we are not money hungry. We produce quality software, and you should have free access to it. We are pleased to share this piece of software for free with you.

Use the link below to register your free license, and then follow the instructions closely to get your KEYs. 

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