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URL Capture Pro saves entire web pages to PDF and PNG

URL Capture Pro is a handy tool. One might say some browsers can save as PDFs, but it is awkward and not easy to get to. This little program is perfect for grabbing webpage captures. You can navigate the web with its modern browser, or you can paste the URL you want to capture. The application captures the entire webpage to password-protected PDF if you wish or unlocked PDF, PNG, JPG, GIF, and BMP.

The modern web browser running under the Firefox engine

URL Capture Pro has a modern web browser that you can use to navigate the web and capture the web pages you desire with one click. The program’s browser runs under the Firefox engine, so it is not limited or simplistic. It is up-to-date and renders modern web pages perfectly.

Another way to use this simple, powerful tool is to navigate the Internet on your favorite web browser, and when you reach a URL you want to capture copy the URL and paste it on URL Capture Pro.

Navigate the Internet and capture web pages

Capture as PDF

PDF is a type of document everyone can view on their PCs. It is widely spread. PDF can be password-protected, and URL Capture Pro allows you to capture web pages to password-protected PDF files. You also have the option to capture web pages to not password-protected PDFs.

Capture as PNG

It is also helpful to have a means of capturing web pages to images such as PNG images. They are easy to share and publish. Sometimes, you want an entire web page capture; URL Capture Pro will do that for you. The program also captures web pages in JPG, GIF, and BMP.

Simple yet powerful, you will like to have this tool around. It will come in handy eventually.

The advantage of capturing password protected web pages.

You may wish to share your captured web page privately with one contact or a few. You don’t want it free to be viewed by anyone. You can password-protect web pages charged to PDF and share them privately only with those you share the password with.

That is an advantage you do not find in the save-as-PDF option some web browsers provide. That is why URL Capture Pro is a must-have tool on your toolset.

The benefits you get with URL Capture Pro

  • Browse the web and save entire web pages to PDF in one click.
  • Capture total web pages to PDF or PNG, GIF, BMP, and JPG files.
  • Browse the Internet and save webpages to password-protected PDF files.
  • Use a modern web browser with a Firefox engine to navigate the web.
  • Set up a home page and favorites just like your regular web browser.
  • Navigate using your web browser and paste URLs into URL Capture Pro to save them as PDF, JPG, or PNG.


This tool is a must-have tool in your toolset. You will be thankful for it because it will come in handy eventually. Sometimes you will be left with the challenge of sending a template of a web page, and you will want to capture the whole thing. Maybe password-protect it. It is good to have URL Capture Pro.

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