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app localization App Translation Bot is a ios localization app and a xamarim android localization app plus it also works for INI files.
App Translation Bot is a real powerful automation tool as all you need to provide is the source file for translation and App Translation Bot creates all the file structure and the translation so when it is done you're done. app localization translation
ios localization App Translation Bot supports 30+ different languages. You will need a Yandex account which is 100% free and you're all set to distribute your product in a lot of countries. The fastest way to increase market share for your App.
App Translation Bot also works for Xamarim Android. It creates all the files exactly as needed by Android Studio. And it works with INI files as well. software localization

Main Features:

1. Support for 30+ different languages.
2. One time fee. No translation costs whatsoever.
3. Creates ready to place folders and files both for iOS and Android.
4. Works also with INI files.

Extra Features:

1. Supports MacOS projects as well as iOS projects.
2. Automatically detects language of source.
3. Fast translation even for a large number of launguages.


App Translation Bot is the fastest way to increase your downloads, have an edge over the competition, and expand sales. In a few minutes you will have your App translated to 30+ different languages with minimum hassle.