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IP Camera Multiple Viewer

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ip camera multiple viewer IP Camera Multiple Viewer is perfect to watch, take photos, and record IP cameras from one central.
IP Camera Multiple Viewer connects to all protocols used by IP cameras to publish a stream on the Internet or Intranet: RTSP, ONVIF, MJPEG, JPEG, USB. If the camera has a URL whether Internet or Intranet there is a good chance IP Camera Multiple Viewer can connect to it. IP camera viewer
IP camera viewer windows 10 IP Camera Multiple Viewer is a IP camera viewer however it can send Pan, Zoom, and Tilt commands to cameras that support the operation and connect to USB cameras.
With IP Camera Multiple Viewer, you can save your current configuration of open cameras and restore it all at a later time at once. ip camera monitor
Main Features:

1. Ability to concentrate all IP cameras in one IP camera viewer viewport.
2. Ability to take pictures and record video from the cameras.
3. Ability to save your camera list and settings to a file and open it at once at a later time.
4. Ability to get camera information in one click.
5. Ability to connect to USB Firewire cameras.

Extra Features:

1. Ability to increase and decrease camera size.
2. Convenient folders to hold video files and photos.

IP Camera Multiple Viewer is a perfect IP camera viewer with extra abilities like capturing photos, and recording video, plus the convenient ability to save a file with your cameras and restore it later.


This software is free to use with no limitations for 21 days. After that you have to pay a one time fee. Our software is high quality and low cost.