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Add screen capture and video conferencing abilities to your Windows applications. SDKs designed for easy intergration regardless of development environement.


ScreenCamera SDK

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screen capture sdk ScreenCamera SDK is a live streaming SDK compatible with YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, and all the main platforms and applications.
ScreenCamera SDK is also a complete screen capture sdk with all you should expect from a screen capture software development kit plus ability to capture screen and webcam at the same time. It is got screen capture to MP4, ability to select screen region, follow cursor, take pictures to PNG, capture a window, plus a quick shortcut toolbar you can share with your users. screen video capturing sdk
net video capture sdk ScreenCamera SDK is easy to integrate because it uses ActiveX technology so there is a lot of support both from within the product, also from Microsoft, and from developers, so in this respect ScreenCamera SDK is definitely not the rocky way. Plus ScreenCamera SDK has being installed on thousands of PCs and it is rock solid stable.
ScreenCamera SDK has no special requirements for installation and it is fully compatible all the way from Windows 7 to Windows 10. The product includes plenty of samples and a tester with API calls for buttons which helps a great deal to get integration ready within one business day. sdk video capture
Main features:

1. Live streaming SDK compatible with YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and all platforms, services and applications.
2. Screen Capture SDK that captures screen to MP4, and WMV, with configurable frame-rate.
3. Ability to be screen and webcam recorder at the same time.
4. Ability to capture screen to PNG, and JPG.
5. Easy to integrate ActiveX technology based component to add to your app regardless of development environment.
6. No special requirments for installation compatible from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Extra features:

1. Virtual camera compatible with all services and applitcations.
2. Tester with API calls for buttons make it easy to integrate because you can test the workflow using API calls, then you must simply reproduce the steps taken in the tester to code.
3. One sample per popular development environment.

ScreenCamera SDK is cost-effective all the way around. There is no other competent solution out there at this price range specially if you take in consideration the ability to stream to YouTube, Facebook, and all services and applications. ScreenCamera SDK is unique, rock solid stable, and easy-to-integrate. Look no further. We offer on time support and give all required support all the way.