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Remote Control Pro LAN Edition: The most advanced way to take control of your LAN

There are many remote control software like Team Viewer and others, but to monitor your Local Area Network, you must make one connection to each PC, and it becomes awkward and difficult to manage multiple PCs at the same time. Remote Control Pro LAN Edition came up with the concept of a viewport, much like a camera monitoring central where you can…

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The world is narrowed to two streets of water. Do you think politicians are that smart?

When you look at Google Maps, the entire world depends on two water streets, the Panama Canal and the Suez Canal. That is how vulnerable the world is. One of them gets closed, and crises are everywhere because of the closure of ocean commerce. The two get closed: Complete chaos. That is all because of the war for territory. Do you think politicians are that smart? With the world structured this…

Brasiu - The new brazillian platform for boosting up business

Recently the platform and App was launched. The platform has its own virtual territory in Brazil including states and cities. The complete virtual territory can be checked out on Brasiu is a pay per click engine where visitors can search for products and services and be presented with the opportunities of completing their goal. shows the…
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Diamond Caliber

Diamond Caliber is an online store that partners with the world’s most prestigious brands to bring you the most magnificent fine jewelry you can find. We value ourselves in our exquisite taste in men’s and women’s jewelry and our ever-lasting commitment to…

Power Image Converter Giveaway

Power Image Converter is a specialized shell around the Imagick library and extensively uses it. With the application, you can convert between almost one hundred different formats. You can view images in all of these formats. It doesn’t stop there: Power Image…

URL Capture Pro saves entire web pages to PDF and PNG

URL Capture Pro is a handy tool. One might say some browsers can save as PDFs, but it is awkward and not easy to get to. This little program is perfect for grabbing webpage captures. You can navigate the web with its modern browser, or you can paste the URL you want to…

HQ GIF Maker Giveaway

HQ GIF Maker allows you to convert movie segments to animated GIFs and WebP. Besides this feature HQ GIF Maker will enable you to record tutorials from screen capture to save as GIF animations and publish them on your site for quick explanations. When it comes to movies, the…