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HQ GIF Maker Giveaway

HQ GIF Maker allows you to convert movie segments to animated GIFs and WebP. Besides this feature HQ GIF Maker will enable you to record tutorials from screen capture to save as GIF animations and publish them on your site for quick explanations. When it comes to movies, the application has a great feature which is pre-trimming. You trim the segment you want from the film previously to the conversion saving a lot of time. HQ GIF Maker generates animated GIFs with an optimized palette that guarantees the best visuals after it is converted.

Time-saving with pre-trimming

Most movie-to-GIF convertors only do the entire movie. All of which I have checked were like this. With HQ GIF Maker, you can load a long movie and select that small segment you want to turn into a GIF animation before the conversion making this a time-saving unique feature you find on this helpful application. The visuals on the animated GIF are the best as possible as HQ GIF Maker pre-calculates the best 256 colors to compose the palette to give the best look after conversion.

Support for WebP

Google came up with the WebP format, which is already widely accepted by most web browsers, and WebP image files can also be animated. The advantage of WebP files is that it renders animations in actual color 16 million colors, unlike the 256-color palette of animated GIF. HQ GIF Maker also exports animations to WebP.

Make small animations of how to do tutorials

HQ GIF Maker allows you to select a region of the screen and record it in different frame rates. This feature enables you to create how-to tutorials to explain to a user what to do after downloading their package or for some other reason. It can be advantageous as visuals explain better than words.

HQ GIF Maker has an uncomplicated user interface that will guide you intuitively from start to end and give you your GIF animation as best looking as possible. Movie segments are widely used on memes, and HQ GIF Maker is perfect for the job because you don’t have to cut the movie before exporting it to GIF.

Enough said. Time to get your free license.

Use the button below to be redirected to the registration page. Follow the simple steps, and you will have your license. Afterward, read the instructions carefully on how to get your KEYs.

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