Remote Control Pro LAN Edition: The most advanced way to take control of your LAN

There are many remote control software like Team Viewer and others, but to monitor your Local Area Network, you must make one connection to each PC, and it becomes awkward and difficult to manage multiple PCs at the same time. Remote Control Pro LAN Edition came up with the concept of a viewport, much like a camera monitoring central where you can watch real-time screen capture of all monitored…
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Fat File Finder - Giveaway

There isn’t a faster and simpler way to find large files on your hard drives and eliminate them. Everyone should have this tool in their toolbox. If you use Windows to search for big files, you end up with a list that is hard to manage. With Fat File Finder, you search…

CD DVD Blu-ray Burning Studio - Giveaway

All-in-one burner software with an intuitive interface yet simple where you can burn any disk from audio CDs, to MP3 DVDs, Video DVDs, and Blu-ray discs, up to data CDs and data DVDs. It is a complete suite using Microsoft’s disc burning A.P.I.s, meaning it is all the…